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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are a legal binding contract between My Creative Muse (hereafter known as "MCM") and you (hereafter known as "client") and apply to all services offered (hereinafter known as "project").  By accepting a quote in writing or verbally, or by placing an order with MCM, you confirm you are in agreement with these terms and conditions whether you have taken the time to read them or not.  We highly suggest you read them carefully.

All terms and conditions are subject to modification at any time without notice and are in effect upon posting.


I reserve the right to refuse services or freebies to any individual or company I deem as unfit due to content or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, sites containing adult-oriented material such as pornography, sites which promote hatred towards persons belonging to any ethnic group, religion or sexual orientation and sites which infringe copyright.


Client authorizes MCM to access any hosting or domain account(s) and to provide all user names, passwords and login information for the sole purpose of installing, testing, or updating client's blog design or other services purchases.  MCM does not share client information; however, we do strongly suggest that client change all supplied passwords after your project is complete.

MCM reserves the right to display a screenshot or small portion of client's completed project as an example to be included in MCM's portfolio, as well as a listing to client's blog site for a full preview of MCM's completed work.  This means that client's site can not be set to private or for invited readers only.


Client agrees to communicate via e-mail, MSN Messenger and/or Yahoo Messenger with MCM and with the understanding that all communications are to be in written format of which a copy will be retained.  Client agrees to make himself/herself available via e-mail and/or Messenger service during MCM business hours as much as possible during client's project period in order to complete client's project in a timely manner.


MCM will provide you with an estimated completion date depending on the requirements of your project ordered.  Each party agrees to be available as much as possible during the design process to the other party for any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

Designing a blog to function in multiple browsers can require considerable effort and time.  MCM will test your new blog to ensure that the design will work in the latest browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome but can not guarantee that it will work the same for other browsers (especially older versions).  Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure your blog is fully functional, but the MCM warranty will not cover AOL, text-based browsers or requested special effects that have been advised against.


MCM will make every effort to create a design you are completely happy with, and not move on to the next phase until a suitable resolution of the minor design problem is corrected.  Any minor changes or revisions to the original approved design will be honored as long as they are minor as deemed by MCM and do not change the original design and layout.  Any changes or revisions to go above and beyond the minor definition and/or change the design layout may not be honored without causing additional charges.  Each client will be afforded ample time to review each step of the design process and are encouraged to discuss any design elements they are not satisfied with.  Additional charges, if incurred, will be billed at $20.00 per hour for the first hour and $10.00 for each additional 15 minutes after the initial hour, in addition to the already paid final invoice.


MCM takes every effort to ensure you receive a blog that is completely error-free.  Although some errors are nearly inevitable, MCM agrees to correct any content/linking errors recognized in the project.  Clients have four (4) weeks of post installation assistance included with each blog design package.  It is the client's responsibility upon final installation to test all links, pages, check for any spelling or grammatical errors, minor fixes, etc. and report them to MCM as quickly as possible to ensure the issues can be taken care of in a timely manner.  Any issues or revisions needed after 30 days will be quoted and billed at an hourly rate as specified by MCM.


These graphics and tubes are for non-profit, personal use ONLY. I have licenses with several of these companies, but they are for my personal use only.  I do offer freebies from time to time in accordance with company terms of use.  All freebies offered by MCM are for personal use only and are not allowed to be used for any commercial blogs, sites, or ventures.  See the enclosed terms of use provided with each freebie for additional information and restrictions.

RFillustrations is the only artist licensing company that allows select work to be used for commercial purposes.  A royalty-free license must be purchased for each individual image.  If you are interested in incorporating one of these images in your design, you will be charged the cost of the royalty-free license unless I already own that particular image.


I am happy to support artists who allow commercial use of their work either by purchasing a membership to their site or by purchasing their commercial use graphics, clip art, scrap kits or fonts.  Please be advised, however, that if you request particular items to be included in your design that require said licenses or memberships, you will be charged 20% of the license/membership price in addition to your package price if I am not already an owner of the license/membership from said organization.


Client guarantees that any S4H/S4O kits provided to MCM for the sole purpose of including them in client's design are owned by client or that client has permission from the rightful owner to use said kit.  Client agrees to hold harmless, protect, and defend MCM from any claim or lawsuit arising from unlawful use of any elements furnished by client. In most cases, proof of permission to use graphics, photos, clip art, artwork, or text will be requested.  All terms of use by the S4H/S4O designer must be adhered to and client is required to provide their terms of use to MCM.

There are several talented scrapkit designers listed on my Resources page which allow for use of their work with certain restrictions by MCM.  Please feel free to review their work and see if you find something of interest to you.


No graphics/images created for any blog are to be used for any other reason, they must remain as created for your blog only.  For instance, you cannot take the header, background, or any other image used for your blog and use them for your Twitter or Facebook account, cut it down to make a banner, etc.  In saying this, the only items that you may use elsewhere are any avatars, signatures and banners that I create for you.

No graphics/images created for any blog are to be used for any print project/job.  The header created for your blog is NOT a logo and cannot be used for print.  Any print project includes but is not limited to the following:  business cards, postcards, invitations, letterhead, email stationery, brochures, handouts, company banners or signage, t-shirts, clothing, cups, totes, gifts or any other print project.


MCM owns the copyright to the finished web design produced for client.  Client is assigned rights to use the design elements, coding, templates, etc. as a web site once final payment and any additional charges incurred have been paid in full.  Any graphics, text and elements supplied by the client shall remain the property of the client.  Any commercial materials purchased for the creation of any web site shall retain the copyright of the original creators and not MCM.  Client is required to keep the proper copyright notice on each page intact that the artwork is used on.  Client is prohibited from removing any copyright notices and can be subject to legal actions if doing so.


Client agrees not to alter, change, copy, give or resell to any other persons or designers the coding, design, graphics, artwork or elements used in your design.  The completed project by MCM must be used and displayed exactly as created and delivered to the client.  Client may not have another person or organization alter, change, or update the design or hire other persons to move the design from one web site to another.  Client may, however, remove the design from their site and no longer use it.


All blogs require text links back to the original graphic artist and/or to MCM on the bottom of each blog page establishing artwork, design, and development credit.  Additionally, all blogs require a copyright banner establishing design and development credit to MCM.  The links and banners are to remain in place indefinitely until such time as the site or blog design is no longer used and published on the internet.  Removal or modification of credits or banners is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. 


Any questions or concerns relating to the Terms of Use listed herein, please address with me via our contact form.



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