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If you are a novice to blogging and blog design, sometimes the terms used can be a bit confusing.  Listed below are some definitions of various terms that you will encounter in the blogging and blog design world.

2 Column LayoutExample A is a 2 column layout with the sidebar to the right of the post section and Example B is a 2 column layout with the sidebar to the left of the post section.

3 Column LayoutExample A is a 3 column layout with a sidebar to the left and to the right of the post section.  Example B is a 3 column layout with both of the sidebars to the right of the post section.

Blog Pages – Additional blog pages can be added to your blog that contain information you wish to share with your readers but will not be changing on a daily basis.  Some examples include a contact page, about me page, giveaway page or a blog roll page.

Blogger Navigation Bar – the Blogger Navigation Bar is the bar you see at the very top of your screen when viewing a blog.  It contains a search box, follow, share, report abuse, and next blog links in addition to showing if you are currently logged into Blogger, a new post link, a design link, and a sign out link to sign out from your Blogger account.  The navigation bar comes in a variety of colors or a light transparency.  This bar can be hidden from your blog if you do not wish to have it appear. [ example ]

Chat Box Widget – want to interact with your readers online?  A Chat Box is a simple little program that you can add to your blog layout that allows you to send messages back and forth with your readers.  Great tool if you want to host an online question and answer session or just receive feedback about a new product! [ example ]

Color Scheme – have a favorite color that you want to use for your blog?  Find some complimentary additional colors to spice up your blog using Color Scheme Designer.  You can choose different variations of your color scheme and send us the information directly!

Comment System Setup – prior to Blogger introducing the nested comments feature (where you can reply directly to a comment left on your blog) many people used programs such as Disqus, CommentLuv, LiveFyre or IntenseDebate.

Date and Time Widget – a handy widget which you can add to your blog to show readers what the current date and time are. Great to have if you operate a small business and want customers to know what the current time is for you locally so they know if you are open or closed. [ example ]

Email Signature (for Incredimail program) – do you wish that you had a small, custom email signature that you could use when responding to comments via email about your blog or contacting guest posters or giveaway winners?  [ example ]

Favicon – a small 60x60 image that appears in the URL address bar and bookmarks next to your blog name and is representative of your blog [ example ]

Gadget/Widget – Blogger terms the little 'extras' that you can include on your blog in the sidebar section as a Gadget while other sites call them 'widgets' – either term is acceptable and are used interchangeably

Grab Button with Share Code – usually a non-animated button that readers can 'grab' from your site and place on their blog in a list of favorite sites [ example ]

Menu Navigation Bar – this is the bar that directs people to various posts or pages within your blog and is located either above your header graphic or below your header graphic.  The amount of items you can link to the navigation bar depends on the title length and the size of the buttons.  [ example ]

Post Links – links that allow your readers to share your blog post on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest  [ example ]

Post Signature – a miniature signature with your name and a design embellishment used to 'sign' each of your blog posts  [ example ]

Sidebar – this is the column to the side of your blog posts where your widgets/gadgets are placed and other items to decorate your blog design  [ example ]

Social Media Icons – social media icons are the little buttons that you place in your blog sidebar to direct readers to your other sites such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  [ example ]


If you have never undergone a blog revision or this is your very first blog, things can seem pretty confusing and just a little daunting!  Listed below in no specific order are some general facts and information to help answer some of questions you may have.  As always, should you have a question you do not find answered here, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a waiting list?  

A:  Yes, I do have a waiting list.  In order to secure a position on my Project Waiting List, you must submit a Project Request Form (unless you are purchasing any of our Ready 2 Go Designs, Ready 2 Go Facebook Timelines or Add-On items).  Once payment in full is received for the Ready 2 Go items or the Add-On items, you will be added to the Project Waiting List.  Blog Designs and our Mix & Match Bundles require a completed questionnaire which we will email to you upon receipt of your Project Request Form.

Q: Can you teach me how to blog?   

A:   I do offer technical assistance with questions you have regarding your blog at the rate of $20.00 per hour, however, you must have a working knowledge of how to use your blog.  Blogger has a Quick Tour and a Video Tutorial that are informative and helpful for the novice blogger.

Q: How do I get in touch with you?

A:   I prefer to communicate via e-mail and via messenger.  This allows me to keep a record of our correspondence and since I work from home, it also protects the privacy and safety of my family.  If there is an issue that just cannot be resolved via those methods, I will consider speaking directly when and if that issue arises.

Q: Do return customers receive a discount?

A:   Of course!  All clients who have purchased a design package from me in the past receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Q: Can I have a blog on my own website?

A:   Yes you can!  Blogger allows you to purchase your own domain name for only $10.00 per hear.  You will have your own domain name ( and Blogger will continue to host all of your content completely free, but at your new address.  Blogger also offers a redirect service (free) that informs readers that your blog URL has changed.

Q: Can you use an artist from one of the artist licensing companies for my blog design?

A:   At this time, the only licensing company that allows for the use of their artist in commercial ventures is PicsForDesign via their RFillustrations site.  The images shown on the RFillustrations site are the only permissible images allowed for contracted blog designs.  I do not currently have a license for any of these images.  If there is one that you would like for me to include in your design, I will purchase the royalty free license for that image and you will be assessed an additional charge of 20% of the total purchase price for the royalty free image if I do not already own that particular image.

I have several graphic and scrapkit designers that I deal with which you can find listed on my Resources page.

Q: How long will it take to finish my project?

A:   A custom basic or deluxe blog package will require anywhere from 9 to 12 days to complete.  We will always do our best to provide you with an estimated start and completion date upon receipt of your project request.

Q: Can I change or alter an element you created on my blog design at a later date?

A:   No.  You or another designer may not alter or change the design that I have created for you.  It must be displayed and used in the manner it was created and delivered to you.  If you no longer wish to use it, you may remove it from your site.  If you do need a change at a later date to your design, please contact me!  I will be happy to give you a quote and update your site.  Remember, repeat customers receive a discount!

Q: What happens if my computer crashes and I lose the files for my design?

A:   Please ensure that you copy all files that I send to you to a disk for safekeeping as soon as you receive the finished design package.  I can not guarantee that I will retain a copy of all that I create for you on my hard drive.  It is your responsibility once the completed project has been delivered to ensure their safekeeping and storage.

Q: Can you create a custom Incredimail letter for my blog as well?

A:   Yes we can!  If you use the Incredimail e-mail program, we can create a coordinated Incredimail (IMF) letter to match your blog design for use in sending out announcements, sales, updates, newsletters, etc.  In addition, we also offer a custom e-mail signature for use with the Incredimail e-mail program that will include a small signature tag containing either your first name or your blog title with your choice of social media, email, and blog links underneath your name.

Q: Do you offer services other than what is listed on your site?

A:   Yes!  I am constantly learning new things but find it difficult to always include these in the service options.  If you are looking for something in particular and cannot locate it under the Packages and Services, chances are I know how to do it.  Just ask!

Q: Do you do blog designs for TypePad or WordPress?

A:   At this time I am focusing my attentions to creating quality Blogger platform blogs only.  In the future I may offer a service for WordPress and other platforms, but not at this time.

Q: Where do you get the cartoon illustrations you use in your designs?

A:   I utilize images and illustrations in the custom headers that I design from places such as iStockphoto, RFillustrations and other commercial use sites.  Some of these sites do charge for their illustrations, and the client will be charged a percentage of the total amount of an illustration purchase for their blog design.

Q: Why do you need my login information for my blog and other accounts?

A:   I need your username and password for Blogger so that I am able to access and edit the html code within your account when installing your custom design.  I also need this information to create any links, posts, pages, etc. within your account.  If you are concerned with sharing your password – you can temporarily change it when you place your order while we are working on the design process – and then revert to your usual password once we are finished.

Q: What programs do you use to create your designs?

A:   I use a variety of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro, Artisteer, and more.

Q: Is the wait time the same for just a small a' la carte item as it is for a full custom design?

A:   No.  We can get smaller projects done more quickly and will fit you in between full custom work we are currently doing, usually within the week.

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