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If you are a novice to blogging and blog design, sometimes the terms used can be a bit confusing.  Listed below are some definitions of various terms that you will encounter in the blogging and blog design world.

2 Column LayoutExample A is a 2 column layout with the sidebar to the right of the post section and Example B is a 2 column layout with the sidebar to the left of the post section.

3 Column LayoutExample A is a 3 column layout with a sidebar to the left and to the right of the post section.  Example B is a 3 column layout with both of the sidebars to the right of the post section.

Blog Pages – Additional blog pages can be added to your blog that contain information you wish to share with your readers but will not be changing on a daily basis.  Some examples include a contact page, about me page, giveaway page or a blog roll page.

Blogger Navigation Bar – the Blogger Navigation Bar is the bar you see at the very top of your screen when viewing a blog.  It contains a search box, follow, share, report abuse, and next blog links in addition to showing if you are currently logged into Blogger, a new post link, a design link, and a sign out link to sign out from your Blogger account.  The navigation bar comes in a variety of colors or a light transparency.  This bar can be hidden from your blog if you do not wish to have it appear. [ example ]

Chat Box Widget – want to interact with your readers online?  A Chat Box is a simple little program that you can add to your blog layout that allows you to send messages back and forth with your readers.  Great tool if you want to host an online question and answer session or just receive feedback about a new product! [ example ]

Color Scheme – have a favorite color that you want to use for your blog?  Find some complimentary additional colors to spice up your blog using Color Scheme Designer.  You can choose different variations of your color scheme and send us the information directly!

Comment System Setup – prior to Blogger introducing the nested comments feature (where you can reply directly to a comment left on your blog) many people used programs such as Disqus, CommentLuv, LiveFyre or IntenseDebate.

Date and Time Widget – a handy widget which you can add to your blog to show readers what the current date and time are. Great to have if you operate a small business and want customers to know what the current time is for you locally so they know if you are open or closed. [ example ]

Email Signature (for Incredimail program) – do you wish that you had a small, custom email signature that you could use when responding to comments via email about your blog or contacting guest posters or giveaway winners?  [ example ]

Favicon – a small 60x60 image that appears in the URL address bar and bookmarks next to your blog name and is representative of your blog [ example ]

Gadget/Widget – Blogger terms the little 'extras' that you can include on your blog in the sidebar section as a Gadget while other sites call them 'widgets' – either term is acceptable and are used interchangeably

Grab Button with Share Code – usually a non-animated button that readers can 'grab' from your site and place on their blog in a list of favorite sites [ example ]

Menu Navigation Bar – this is the bar that directs people to various posts or pages within your blog and is located either above your header graphic or below your header graphic.  The amount of items you can link to the navigation bar depends on the title length and the size of the buttons.  [ example ]

Post Links – links that allow your readers to share your blog post on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest  [ example ]

Post Signature – a miniature signature with your name and a design embellishment used to 'sign' each of your blog posts  [ example ]

Sidebar – this is the column to the side of your blog posts where your widgets/gadgets are placed and other items to decorate your blog design  [ example ]

Social Media Icons – social media icons are the little buttons that you place in your blog sidebar to direct readers to your other sites such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  [ example ]


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