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Fairy Mushroom CU Freebie

Greetings everyone!  I am "almost" to the point where I am ready to begin creating and designing again and offering you some awesome freebies!  Stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter - because when My Creative Muse hits - it hits in a BIG way!

I have a beautiful freebie to offer you today - well I think it's beautiful anyway!  My youngest son, Tre, was playing outside a few weeks ago - running around our apartment complex here, there and everywhere - so I had given him my little cheapo tracfone (could only make phone calls and send and receive text messages on it) to keep on him so I knew where he was at.  Well, he lost it - or so we thought.  An entire week went by, couldn't find my phone - so I had to call and cancel the service and ordered a replacement phone.

Well imagine my absolute utter surprise when my new phone arrived and I found this waiting for me:

samsung t340g phone

I can still make and receive calls and text messages - but now I can also download apps and ringtones, take photos with the built-in camera, record videos, listen to music, browse the web, and even connect my Facebook account to my phone.  I am so completely and totally PSYCHED to have this phone after the little cheapo one that I had before!!!!  (Two days before my new phone arrived, my dear son found the other phone in his shorts pocket - shoved under the bed mind you - and on vibrate ... which is why we couldn't find it when I called my number repeatedly!!!)

So now the boys have the old phone that they can use when they are out and about in the community and I have mine!

Out walking my little pooch, Mollyanna, today - I came across some gorgeous mushrooms growing in the grass behind our apartment.  I call them "fairy mushrooms" because at night they close up and during the day they open their tops wide to shield the delicate fairies from the glaring sun.  So naturally I just had to have a play with the phone and take a photo of them to share!



I absolutely love the crisp, clean images that my new camera phone takes!  I will be using this a LOT in the coming months when the leaves begin to change colors and fall sets in here in Virginia - you can count on that!

Below is a mist that I did of the first photograph.  You can freely use this in your commercial use or personal use designs and scrapkits.  All I ask is that you provide credit for the image back to me by using ©My Creative Muse - (unless you are using it with a licensed artist's work, then their terms of use apply and you do not need to add my information to the creative work).  If you would like to tube the image and use it that way instead of the misted image, that is fine as well.  You can e-mail me directly and I'll send it out to you.  All I'd ask in return is a copy of the tube (giggles) so I could use it myself.  (Did I mention that I suck at extraction and/or tubing?)

Just click the preview to download the misted image!

UPDATE - 9/7/2012 - Sorry everyone!  I did not realize I uploaded the png file - should have been the psd file.  The correct file is now attached to the image below and you can download the corrected version now!


I would really love to see any creations you put together with these adorable little fairy mushrooms!  Have a great weekend!


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