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Do You Need a Blog Design? A Baby Needs Heart Surgery...

Mye de Leon is a member of one of the Facebook Blogging Groups that I belong to. This is what she has been dealing with the past week:

"I gave birth to my boy on Dec 27. That day was supposed to be the happiest. Until they told us the news. Alphonse has Tetralogy of Fallot - a heart disorder wherein his valve has to be closed by a surgery. He needs to have it done in Feb. We need to have $12,200 by that time which we don't have at the moment :( I am losing hope.

As if that isn't heartbreaking enough. He is suspected to have Down syndrome too. We will have a chromosome test done on January 2nd.

I cried a lot already and i have become the pessimist i never thought i'd be. Please pray for us. We need the surgery. Doc says there is a 98% success rate and it is curable.

Do I need help? - I am a blog designer , please if you need a makeover - please please order from me. I am willing to work hard.
Her little baby needs our help.

They need $12,200 by 1st week of February. If you can help her, any amount will be appreciated.

You can send it to her paypal :

I'm sure she and her little Alphonse would greatly appreciate it if you would send some work her way.


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